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Audiobooks and Podcast for Kids

Saturday mornings, as a kid for me were when Adventures in Odyssey came on the RADIO.  I know right,  the radio! As my oldest has gotten older I started looking for things for him to listen to during his quiet or for in the car. I complied a list of Podcast and Audio Book Resources for kids, Mama's and Families:

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Food On The Go

because we often live a life on the go, we pack a lot of food with us for when we are running errands, sitting in the ferry line (yea that is a real thing), traveling or heading out to the beach for the morning.

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2017 Kids Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stockings always seems to be that last-minute thing on the list for me. I will have my Christmas shopping done months in advance (yes I am that person).  Stocking always seem to be a bit of a funny thing.  Really you just need small things for it, but somehow those small things seem to be… Continue reading 2017 Kids Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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For commuting, travel or resturant entertainment with a toddler.

A few of the items that keep our guys entertained when we are traveling or commuting.