Born and raised in North Carolina, mom of two boys, and passionate about unique, quality, long lasting toys and gear.

It all started with a flight to British Columbia, Canada with the intention of spending a summer at a kid’s camp. That summer on Vancouver Island I fell in love, and as all good camp romances go, I married my camp sweetheart two years later.  After conquering the crazy world of immigration, life began on the West Coast of Canada.

Four years of marriage, we were expecting our first little one and preparing to enter the realm of parenthood.  Overjoyed (and being a control freak and planner) I went straight into my first baby store, armed with lists and notes.   Standing in the entrance of the store I was in shock, and apparently alone as my husband took one look and ran into the neighboring coffee shop.  The store was jammed wall to wall with a million different products. Even though I was still excited about having a baby, I quickly became overwhelmed and anxious with all the options and decisions ahead of me. In that moment, I realized how my world had changed as I was faced with 40 different kinds of soothers, 100 types of bottles, and oh the diaper selection.  This is where the journey began as I committed to researching and combing through the brands and products at our disposal. My goal was simple: find quality products to encourage learning and exploration with a side-dish of convenience for mom.

Fast forward to today, living on a rural Gulf Island, second little one has joined us, giving me an even greater dedication to discover the exceptional products that are safe, fun, durable, and inspire creativity.  I thrive on seeing my kids engage with products that facilitate them learning, discovering, and interacting with the beautiful West Coast.

My goal for this blog is to pass along what products I have discovered and fell in love with for my little ones.