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Baby Wearing

So I began the search for the perfect baby wearing device, and let me tell you there are a MILLION out there, but hopefully this will help you pick your perfect fit.

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Fall Time Gear 2018

I have put together a selection of top fall gear items (including some local British Columbia brands) for kids.

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It’s that time again: Back to School 2018

This year we are embarking on a new journey: kindergarten.  We are nervous.  New town, new school, and new people.  We are excited about the adventure but still a little in shock that my first-born is going to school.  I was raised a teachers kid, so no matter what my Mom was around the school,… Continue reading It’s that time again: Back to School 2018

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2018: Backyard Toys

Now that summer is apon us, we are in yard playing everyday.  One of the first thing little man says after he gets up is "outside, Mom?" and then he is headed off to find his shoes and get outside and play.  

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Summer Gear for Little Ones 2018

My boys love being outdoors, so I want to equip them with gear that helps themto explore while protecting them from the elements.

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Art for kiddos under 3

My Big Man wasn't much of a little artist.  He didn't prefer the feel of finger paint, or anything that got on his skin.  He loved the dry erase markers because well he could use the eraser.  Now my little man, he is all in. He has no fear of any textures.  The minute his big brother pulls out the art bin he wants to be right in there with him.  Crayola My First has been a wonderful fit for us.

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Sleepy time for little ones

Sleep is a very important thing.  When you have little ones, sleep can be a challenge. I want to share some of the items we have used with our little guys along with some things that friends have used for help at bedtime.  Also a disclaimer: None of the things are magic! You will not… Continue reading Sleepy time for little ones

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Our Little Library: Spring Edition

As you probably know by now my boys love, love, love books.  They love looking at books, being read to, and attempting to read on their own.  Here are a few of our current favorites, that we read daily....over and over again. Goodnight Goodnight Construction Sight (Board Book) by Sherri Duskey RinkerAll about how all… Continue reading Our Little Library: Spring Edition

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Helping out our Bee Friends.

I previously blogged about Gardening with kids.  Over the past week and weekend, both of my sons have been in the garden whenever the weather and their mom have permitted them to be.  They are typically digging around looking for worms or seeing how big of a hole that they can dig, but they are… Continue reading Helping out our Bee Friends.