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Christmas Gift Ideas 2019: 3 & 4 year olds

Currently, this is one of the stages we are at – the “not a baby I am a big boy” and totally indepent stage.  The good news is that I have survived this stage once, so I beleive I can do it again.  What I love about this age, outside of the sassiness and need to do EVERYTHING ON THEIR OWN, is their imagination.  It is crazy to me how at this age little kids imaginations just explode.  They love pretend play, mimicing what they see others do, and creating things in their own little world.

Arts / Crafts

Hape Art Studio

Dress-UpGreat Pretender Cape

  • Great Pretender:  Quality pretend capes and costumes to allow your little one’s imagination to fly.Melissa and Doug Costume
  • Melissa & Doug Role Play Sets: A wide variety of dress-up costumes for your little ones to explore.TenderLeaf Coffee Set
  • Tender Leaf Toys Play Sets:  Adorable and durbale play set to allows your little one to make coffee, tea, go grocery shoping and much more just like Mom & Dad.Tender leaf Vet Set
  • Plan Toys Vet Set: The perfect gift for the animal loving kid. (They also have a fantastic doctor/nurse set.)

Lacing Cards / Beads

All lacing toys are great for developing motor skills.

Hape Lacing Beads

Kitchen Play Setshape-choping-food-set-2.png


Spot It 123

  • Spot It  – 123:  A great compact game for preschoolers to identify shapes and numbers that is fun for you and your little one.Balance Game
  • Tender Leaf Balancing Artic Circle Game: Practice your balancing skills with this beautiful frozen game!  A balancing polar circle, with 2 penguins, a whale, a walrus, a polar bear, a seagull, an iceberg and a little friendly girl. (Description from

  • Coopertive Games by Peaceable Kingdom:  This company makes incredible games for kids that promote cooperation and kindness.    There is a variety of game options, so check out the blog  for reviews and a list of cooperative games.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Preschoolers are a fun age of growing their imagination and learning indepence.  My hope is that these suggestions help you find the perfect gift for the preschooler in your life.

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