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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2019

Mother’s Day is approaching quickly!!  Here are a few of the items on my Mother’s Day Wish List.

Smass and Tess
Photo Credit: Smash + Tess

Smash+ Tess Lounge Wear:  I know that picking out clothing for a Mom can be tricky, and for some simply a path that is avoided at all cost. Anything from the Smash + Tess Line will not disappoint.  I received a Smash + Tess Romper for Christmas, and it is my favorite thing in the entire world.  It is comfortable and easy to dress up or keep casual.  It is the perfect gift and essential piece of clothing for any Mom wardrobe. sweatshirt
Photo Credit: Clothing:  I recently discovery Wifey Co, and fell in love with their designs.  Their items range from digital designs, to clothing for babies to parents.  The items on my wish list?  The “Hello My Name Is” Sweat Shirt and the “#MOMLIFE” T-shirt.  Besides awesome designs, you get options on colors and tops (sweatshirt, tank, t-shirt) which we know all Mom’s love options.

Mint & Birch Logo
Photo Credit: Mint&Birch

Mint & Birch:  This is a local BC Mom Boss power house that makes incredible, hand stamped necklaces.  There are so many options, to choose from in the areas of shape, style, metal and design.  The down side, is that because the products are hand stamped, the company does open and close for custom orders, but if you are a BC local you have more options.  A necklace from here, will cause Mom to instantly fall in love with the personal touch each necklace receives.

Photo Credit: K’Pure Naturals

K’pure Naturals:  If you are looking for the a product that is all natural, great for the skin, and certified organic, K’pure naturals has the perfect product line for the Mom in your life.  They have a wide range of skincare products that Mom will fall in love with.  (It is also a company ran by a Mom of 4 local to BC, who is empowering women with her wonderful attitude and dedication to amazing prodcuts.)  There is a wide variety for gift boxes (‘Yes Please’ Gift Box is fantastic)  or skincare packages you can choose from.  My current favorit product is Clean Up Dead Sea Mud Masque,

Surf Soak

Surf Soak:  Want to give the Mom in your life a relaxing spa like bath soak in the comfort of her own home?  Check out (from Vancouver Island) the bath soaks from a new company called Surf Soaks.   The reviews for these products have been amazing, and I cannot wait to try this product out!

Hydro Flask Mug

Hydro Flask:  For the Coffee or Tea Mom, the Hydro Flask Coffee mug is an excellent, practical gift.  Keeping her drink hot or cold, this classic mug will be in her hand at the early morning soccer game or the late evening summer camp fire.


Tote Bag:  A good tote bag, for a Mom, is worth its weight in gold.  Everywhere you go as a Mom, you bring a lot of stuff with you.  No matter the age of the kids, as a Mom, you somehow acquire items, some essential, some “extras” courtesy of your kidos.  From extra tissues, to change of clothes, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer; Mom’s need a bag that can contain all the ‘extras’ plus their sunglasses, wallets, and such.  My two favorite Mom totes are Birdling Bags and Vera Bradley.  They are durable, spaceish, stylish and a necessary tool for every Mom.


Tofino Towel:  These towels (or beach blankets, throws or kimonos) are a great picture of the West Coast.  Designed in British Columbia, the Tofino Towel company strives to be a sustainable fair trade company.  Their towels/blanket are super soft and functional.  My top two wish list items are: Tofino Round Towel and the Beachcomber Throw.

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