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Local Gift Ideas for the challenging Christmas gift on your list.

Every year there is that one person that can be a challenge to buy for.  Whether it is a relative, co-worker, or friend, there always seems to be that one person on your list that can stump you.   Here are a few ideas that will hopefully help or at least inspire you this holiday season:


Blackstrap Cloth & Co.:  A small company based in Ladner, BC making quality, trendy pillows, aprons, and bags. Their products are made using canvas, leather, and mudcloth.

Pacific Knot:  Beautiful, handcrafted with quality yarn, toques, scarves, accessories and more with West Coast living in mind.  My Pacific Knot toque is still a daily go to.  It has maintained its shape and has held up to multiple cold, wet winters.


Coffee Subscriptions:  If you have read my previous blogs you know I am married to a coffee enthusiast.  By “Coffee Enthusiast”  I mean, you have multiple coffee makers on the counter.  For example we have a ChemexAeropress, Technivorm, and a Hario pour over, and I can guarantee more to come in my future (by the way any of these above items are great for dedicated coffee drinkers.)  Several places offer coffee subscriptions where on a set schedule, different coffees are delivered .  A few favorite local companies on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland are:

Check with some of the local roasters and coffee stores in your area to see if they have a coffee subscription for the “coffee enthusiast” in your life.


Hyrdo Flask:  The perfect travel cup for any occasion on any adventures.  Ranging from kid sized to Dad sized.  Hyrdo Flask has a container to keep your cold drinks icy and your warm drinks pippin hot.


K’Pure Naturals:  Natural skin and body care product line created by a mom of 4 determined to “make sure what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body” (  This company has a wide range of products that receive the highest praise.  (They have fantastic gift boxes too).

Mint and Birch Mama Bear

Mint & Birch:  An artistian Mama that hand stamps each necklace.  You can get some of their own designed necklaces or have a custom necklace created. My boys surprised me with a personalized bar necklace for Mothers Day this year and it is something I will cherish forever.


Hopefully this helps give you a few ideas or inspires some new gift ideas for friends and family this season.


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