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2018 Christmas: Niece, Nephews, Friends, and Family Gift Ideas

I love Christmas shopping.  I love finding the right gift for the right person.  However,  it can be overwhelming.  It can also be time-consuming.  I am 1 of 4 kids, so when you start adding up all my nieces and nephews it can be a long list.  A few years ago we started buying for just the kids in our families instead of the adults, and I know some friends that just do a big family gift instead of individual gifts for their immediate family.

Here are a few ideas for your nieces, nephews, friends, and family gift ideas:

(If you see a * beside a company it is to let you know they are a local BC company, but most of them do ship to the USA as well.)

Pajamas/ Comfy Jumpers:  Everyone loves PJ’s and there are a lot of super cute ones out there for kids.  There are tons of places (especially local) that make adorable, comfortable, and good quality pajamas.  Here are a few:  (I have linked the stores and the product options.  Just click the Bold words and it should take you to their online stores!)


Bambia&Birdie PJ



  • Purl Lamb:  These jumpers are so adorable and from my home state of North Carolina.  Check out their fun and fantastic prints!

Games:  Everyone loves a good game.  (other than one which takes a million hours to play…aka Monopoly with my two brothers.)  Games can be a great gift for kids and families.  Here are a few favorites:

Monopoly Deal

  • Monopoly Deal:  This is the only version of Monopoly I play now.  It is fun, easy to follow, and played at a quick pace.



Experiences: There are a ton of things out there that families want to do, but often time and money prevent that from happening.  Do a little research to see what is near the places your family members live.  Here are a few ideas.

  • Gift Card to a favorite local family restaurant.
  • Tickets or Gift Card to the local movie theater
  • Local attractions gift card – to the aquarium, zoo, Lego Land – look where your family lives and what some of the best rated attractions are and get them tickets to that.
  • Gift cards / passes /  or punch card to the local recreation center, pool, climbing wall or YMCA.  Sometimes a $25 dollar gift card to the pool is the best gift ever because it motivates people to be active and go as a family together on a rainy day.

These are a few of my ideas of our extended family gifting this year.  What are your suggestions / ideas for extended family and friends?

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