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Christmas 2018: Gift Ideas for Toddlers

For toddlers Christmas is always super exciting.  Their eyes fill with wonder as they see all the lights and decorations.  It is a magical time.  When your child is very young at Christmas, it can be a bit of a guessing game as to what to get them, or ask for, because you have just had baby showers and are just getting into a routine of things.

Here are a few my recommendations of toys that grow with Toddlers:

Playmobil 123

PlayMobil 1 2 3:  A classic toy that allows tons of pretend play.  From farms, to planes, and anything in between your little one will love creating their own world with PlayMobil 123.


Duplo:  A timeless classic for creativity.  Duplo blocks are great for sorting, building towers, or creating castles for your little ones stuff animals.  Duplo has been something my boys have never stopped loving.  They can spend hours creating garages, ships, houses, and much more with these incredible building blocks.


Trains:  From Thomas the Train to Hape Trains, they are all a fantastic toy that will grow with you kids.  Our Big Man got his first train around the age of 2 and even at almost 6, he along with his little brother, play with them on a daily basis.  Below are our favorite trains.  (For more details about trains check out my previous train blog here.)


Green Toys Vehicles:  From small push cars, pull along cars, big trucks, to a ferry-boat with cars; these vehicles are made from recycled milk jugs and are extremely durable.  Outside or inside , dry land or water, these toys are fantastic for your little movers.


Hape Puzzle:  Whether your child is just starting to get pieces in place on the board or is starting to make puzzle pieces fit together, the Hape Puzzle options are fantastic.  There are peg puzzles, chunky puzzles, and even dynamic puzzles (with pieces that move), that will engage your child as they develop critical thinking and hand-eye coordination.

Pretend Play Kitchen and Food:

Hape Play Food 2

  • Hape Kitchen & Food:  Pots and Pans, making breakfast waffles or stuffing a pita.  Hape’s “safe and simple toys revolve around food and cooking, to promote realistic role play, and encourage healthy eating.” (


  • Green Toys Kitchen Play:  My favorite thing about the Green Toys play food is that it is safe, with no small pieces and easy to clean.  When it comes to play food kids often, at some point, bite or put the play food in their mouth because it looks like food.  This food is dishwasher safe so after that playdate of a million germs being shared on cupcakes and sandwiches you can easily clean the toy and not worry about it getting damaged in the process.

DT marble works Castle

Castle MarbleWorks by Discovery Toys:   We recently got this in my family and it has been a huge hit!  The boys love changing up how the tracks go and racing the balls through the castle.  The best part is that it there are no small pieces, so you can watch them play and have peace of mind that no marble will disappear.  “Castle Marbleworks is BPA Free. Your child will have fun dropping the 3 weighted chime balls down the interchangeable tracks of this large sized marble run building system! As balls race, spin and zig-zag, your little one learns to predict the balls’ course. Can double as a castle playset for hours of imaginary play.” (

I hope this helps you find the perfect gift for the youngest addition to your family!

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