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Baby Wearing

After having my Big Man, I quickly realized that having a stroller wasn’t always the most convent thing for taking a baby around.  For example when you want to go grocery shopping.  You cannot hold the baby in your arms and push a cart at the same time, or at least I couldn’t.  He was too small and to young to be able to sit in the buggy at the market. Then there is that fabulous day you decided to go to the mall and run in and out of stores “quickly” to discover even carrying the car seat will in fact exhaust your and make your arms burn like you never knew they could burn before.  So I began the search for the perfect baby wearing device, and let me tell you there are a MILLION out there.

My first recommendation is going to a boutique baby store.  In my experience these places are wonderful at helping.  They have tons of demo ones that you can try to and test out around the store.  I know it might sound a bit odd but I assure you it is an investment that you will appreciate.  When we lived in outside of Vancouver, I went to Lusso Baby in North Vancouver.  They were incredible!  They should me all the different types and styles and asked questions like how much would I use it?  Did I want it for multiple types of wear?  Did I want it to grow with my child?  Again some of these answers I just looked blankly at the poor sales lady but it made me think and really figure out what price I wanted and what I could/would use it for.

For baby wearing there are a few different types:  (taken from

  • Wraps:  A super-long piece of stretch fabric you configure and tie around your body, usually over your shoulders and around your midsection, to create a carrier.
  • Slings:  A wide piece of fabric that goes over one shoulder and across your torso.
  • Structured Carries:  More like a backpack with straps over the shoulder and padded carrying “pack” that can be placed on your chest or back.
  • Here is a great resource for carrier vs wrap vs sling done by PishPoshBaby.
Beluga Baby
Image from

I attempted all of these.  The wraps were not my thing.  I had several friends attempt to show me, along with serval online videos, and in all cases I was hopeless.  If someone helped me I could do the wrap.  The one that everyone that loves wraps use and loves is the Beluga Baby Wrap.  The sling method, for me, was too uncomfortable and for didn’t seem to be the best as my little one grew.  The structured carry was my win.  (Which being the OCD organizational schedule human I am make total since.  Even when I got that narrowed down there were still a ton of choices.


The Baby Carrier I chose was the Egro Performance Baby Carrier and I LOVE IT!  Here are the top reason I choose this baby carrier:

  • I could but my Big Man in the carrier without any assistants.  It was easy for me to adjust from my husbands size to my size.
  • I could where the baby more than one way and it adapted as baby grows.  With this carrier I could wear Big Man on the front (with infant insert from newborn and without infant insert after 4 months), on my hip (6 months and up) or back on my back (6 months and up).  You can use this until they are just over 40 pounds.  My youngest is just over 2-year-old and I still my ergo on my back with him.
  • Breathable!  I got the performance addition because of the mesh material that made it lightweight and breathable.
  • Comfort.  It was the only carrier that I tried and it didn’t cause any stress on my back, shoulders, neck and hip.  (It has a padded waist and shoulder straps.)
  • It also comes with a baby privacy hood (shade from the sun or help them when they fall asleep), and a large front pocket that is great for storage.
  • Easy to clean.  I have hand washed and machine washed my ergo and it has held up so well and always came out super clean.

(That is my impressed face, that I have all winter long…cause well I am not a fan of the cold.)

The Ergo carrier has been the perfect fit for me and my boys!  It has been a wonderful investment.  It also has a few accessories that you can get.  We added teething pads (they attach onto to the shoulder strap) for our little chewer child as well the rain cover to help shield our boys from our wet west coast weather.

I strongly encourage if you to go out and test the various baby wearing options and find the one that works best for your family.



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