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Fall Time Gear 2018

After a wonderful and very hot summer, it is now time to once again adorn our rain gear.  Living on the West Coast, I find rain gear to be an essential and an investment for our family.  Most of our gear last through our Big Man and is passed on to our Little Man and if it survives Little Man too, then it moves on to friends.  When I start looking at rain gear I look at quality first because for us it gets worn daily from the end of September to June.  I want it to make it through the entire season.  I don’t want to have to go New Years rain boot shopping, it just isn’t exciting.

I have put together a selection of top fall gear items (including some local British Columbia brands):


Footwear:  To me one of the worse things is wet feet.  I hate having wet feet.  When I get rain boots for my boys I want to know their feet are going to stay toasty dry.  I went through several pairs of shoes with Big Man.  Most of the pairs ended up coming unglued  or crack around the edges of the soles, which would always result in my boys feet being soaking wet.  I was determined to find something that kept my boys feet dry.  Our rain boots of choice are BOGS.  (Now these are also our winter boots choice.)  There is a variety of boot styles, prints, and insulation.  Another great thing about BOGS is their guarantee.  “…BOGS° will never wear out, we do guarantee our product is free from workmanship and material defects 1 year from the date of purchase.”  I can tell you, for me they are worth the money.  BOGS are durable, comfortable, easy for our boys to get on and off, and last through more than one kid.  They are by far the best boot out there for my kids.

Rain Coats / Rain Suits / Rain Pants:   There are a lot of options when you go for rain gear section.  Since we live on the West Coast of Canada, rain gear (head to toe coverage) is a necessity for at least 8 months of the year (okay that might be a bit dramatic, but I feel like it is pretty close to accurate.)  According to what stage my boys were or are at depends on what type of rain gear I general will by.


Full Body Rain Suits:

  • MEC NEWT SUIT:  We loved our MEC Newt Suit. It was easy to get on and off, and kept our guys dry and warm.  The new version of this suit (linked above) has had mixed reviews.  Some say the fabric isn’t to the same quality it use to be.  The good with MEC is if the product isn’t working out you can return it.  (See there MEC Guarantee here.)
  • Muddy Buddy by Tuffo:  This seems to be the most common fully body rain suit out there.  My boys never had one as they seem to fit them a bit funny, a bit to wide and not long enough, but we have tons of friends who have them and have loved them.  They also make Adventure Jackets and Pants for older kids.

Rain Coats:

  • Whistle & Flute:  A local British Columbia & Vancouver Island company, Whitstle & Flute have recently come out with a rain coat that is adorable, comfortable, and easy to take care of (wash on cold and tumble dry low is awesome for Mom’s who don’t need add another load of laundry.  Plus,  you can also get matching rain pants. (Click here to see)
  • Wheat Kids: Another Canadian brand, makes very timeless rain gear.  (They also make rain suits/sets).  These coats seem a bit more versatile in appearance as they don’t have the typical “rain coat” and could easily be worn going out to the playground to jump in puddles or heading out a family function at grandmas.

Helly Hansen Rain Suit

  • Helly Hansen:  This has been our go to brand that has lasted and withstood a lot of wear.  There are a variety of styles and options in both coats and pants, that we have liked being about to choose what works best for our boys.  We have typically gone for just a jacket (the K Shelter Jacket is most similar one that we have had.)  Now, in full honesty I only have bought these when they are on sale and I usually buy them every other year. Usually we can get by with the coat for 2 years in one kid (the wrist of the coats have velcro so I just  push the sleeves up and adjust the velcro to their wrist size.)  Then if the sleeves were too long they stay up and still function and keep my guys dry.
  • Hatley:  Typically I think of kids PJ’s when I think of this company but they do make a wide range of items including rainwear.  What I love about their rain gear is that there is a huge range of patterns to select from that can fit you kidos personality

Umbrellas:  Yes they are not an essential of rain gear, but they are pretty awesome.  Here our a few of our favorite umbrella brands.


What is some of your must have fall gear items?

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