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It’s that time again: Back to School 2018

This year we are embarking on a new journey: kindergarten.  We are nervous.  New town, new school, and new people.  We are excited about the adventure but still a little in shock that my first-born is going to school.  I was raised a teachers kid, so no matter what my Mom was around the school, which had its pros and cons.  Pros if you forgot something you usually could find some kind of substitute item in my her lunch bag.  Con:  If I got in trouble the word spread real fast.    I have told my Big Man that even though I am not at school with him I am close by and that its something new for both of us.  I am learning about being a Mom of a school kid and he is learning about being a student.  Neither my son or I are the best when it comes to lots of new, we are very introverted so it takes a little extra push to motivate us to shake off the nerves and jump in.

The distraction I have to try to get my Big Man excited to go to school is the sweet gear that he gets to take with him.  From backpacks to lunch boxes and water bottles the back-to-school prep has begun so I thought I would share with you some of our favorites.  (I have tried to link all the items so you can easily click the blue words and find the products.)

BackPacks & Lunch Bags

Beatrix Mini


  • Beatrix NewYork:  From backpacks to snack bags, these guys have thought of it all.  This is the backpack and lunch box that we currently have (going on 3 years) and I love them!  We have put them through the wash multiple times to clean and they come out clean and with no signs of damage.  We have the smaller size backpack and it has been great.  We can fit his lunch box and coat in it so it works for the non-homework level of school.


  • Skip Hop Kids Packs:  They carry a variety of animals packs that are great for preschool kids and one the go little ones.  They have matching lunch bags to go with them.  They bags are smaller so great for toddlers.  For older kids Skip Hop makes For Get Me Not Backpack and Lunch Sets.  These backpacks are bigger and have a compartment that allows you to see your lunch bag inside.

Crocodile Creek Pack

  • Crocodile Creek :  Though we don’t have this particular bag, they are one of my favorite brands.  (I am slightly partial to them because they are based out of my home state of North Carolina).  Every product that I do have from them has been wonderful!  Durable, kid-friendly, and classically cute.  They are a great company to explore.  They even carry water bottlessnack sets, ice packs and lunch boxes that all coordinate…its every person who needs to match dream.

Herschel Mini

  • Herschel:  This brand carries a variety of size and styles of backpacks that is sure to guarantee you find the pack that fits their style.


Lunch Box / Snack Gear

Bento Sistema


  • PlanetBox Lunch sets:  This is the ultimate all-in-one stainless steel containers.  They have many sizes (here is there compare chart).  You can even customize these guys to make them totally you (this is with magnets so when your kid who thought unicorn was awesome in the fall, but by Christmas has moved onto solid patterns, you can easily change the look without buying an entire new lunch kit).


  • YumBox:  Similar to PlanetBox but plastic instead of stainless steel.  Leak free and in a range of sizes yumbox is a great one to fit any style of lunch kit.

Water Bottles:  I do not enjoy having a million kid water bottles.  I have always tried to keep this limited, so these are my top 2 that we use every single day.

Kleen Kantten

  • Klean Kanteen:  We have owned one of these cups since my Big Man turned 1.  We still have that cup and another one for Little Man.  They are my top water bottle by far.  I love them!  They are beyond durable (ours has been dropped down slides, tossed on rocky beaches, and rolled down driveways).  They withstand the test of time and I love that they are easy to adapt to your kids from different sizes to different caps.    We started with the Sippy top and now have moved onto the Sports top when our Big Man got older.  The same water bottle fits both tops and even has the loop cap for older kids.


  • Nalgene:  The timeless classic of a nalgene.  I love that nalgenes don’t leak or break and they are easy to clean.  They come in a variety of sizes and various cap options for your kids.   Our current kids ones are the Grip-N-Gulp and the OTF Kids.

As you prepare for the school year, what are some of your must have items for starting off the year right?

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