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What’s in your Beach Bag?

This season brings many outdoor adventures for us to the beach.  We are very blessed to live a short distance to the beach and as a result often have a bag packed, at the door, of our beach necessities.  I try to keep everything contained to what I can carry with some ease and what my boys can help with (they are usually in charge of their own beach toys).  Our general check list for the beach is:

  • Sunscreen: We take a spray kid for the touch-up as well as a lotion and sunscreen stick.
  •  Sun Hats:  My boys are fair-skinned and one has super light hair, so a hat is always required.  Our favorite hat this summer has been the Sundayafternoon Play Hat.  (See our Summer Gear Blog for more details.)
  • First-Aid Kit:  Ours is a simple band-aid, wipes, kids Polysporin combo stuffed into a waterproof bag for any minor scrapes and bumps we get at the beach.  I recommend making you own or picking up a little on-the-go first aid kit.
  • Beach Towels:
    • We have our basic beach towels but my favorite one is our oversized ones because they always seem to came in handy.  My boys favorite towels are from the Disney Store, which to my surprise have often been on sale cheaper than most other stores.  The other item similar to a beach towel that we love are the hooded towel ponchos that you can find at almost any store.

A few more items on this list are: a beach blanket, beach toys and the most important piece, the bag itself.  I have listed some of our top favorites in each of these areas:

  • Beach Blankets:  Since we don’t really have the super sandy beaches here on the west coast an outdoor blanket is our preference.  We use it for the beach, the parks or the back of the car picnics when needed.  However, whether you beach is sandy, rocky or grass here are some of our tops picks:
    • Tofino Towel:  There is nothing that says hanging out on a westcoast beach like a rounded Tofino Towel.  The towels are comfy, functional, and wonderful.
    • Gathre Mat:  This fantastic company make its all, play mats, highchair mats, bibs, and of course outdoor mats in various sizes, patterns and colors.  I love that their mats have a natural and timeless look them.  Go explore their all their options at
  • Beach Toys:  When you live on the coast, beach toys are something that you invest in for the long-term because you want them to last since they get used a lot.  Our beach toys get used on a daily basis even if we aren’t at the beach. Here are links to our favorite beach toy brands:
    • Qutto:  This brand is a relatively new one to me.  I have seen their products in stores and am hoping to get a few things for the summer.  My first purchase will be the Ballo Lagoon.
  • Bags:  I am a bit of a bag snob.  When I get a beach bag I want to fit EVERYTHING IN IT.  I also want something that is easy to clean and is durable.
    • Vera Bradley Getaway tote:  “The Get Carried Away Tote offers both organization and flexibility. It features a breakaway zipper: keep the zipper in place and keep the bag securely closed or leave it open for easy access. Add in plenty of pockets to keep everything organized and you end up with this winner!” (from  This is my current beach bag (and day outing bag), just in a different pattern.  I love that is has tons of inside pockets to keep everything organized and it can go in the washing machine, which is always a bonus for me.
    • Birdling Bag Day Tripper:  “The perfect tote for your daily adventures. Equipped with a zippered mesh bottom to shake out sand, crumbs, and dirt and a removable insulated pouch to keep your snacks cool on the go.” (from  YOU CAN SHAKE OUT THE SAND BY THE ZIPPER BOTTOM.  That means you can actually leave some of the beach at the beach and not add more sand to your car.  Plus they are super cute.

Please share what are some of your favorite summer gear and beach items!

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