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Games for Preschoolers

I am not going to say I am an awesome dedicated board gamer.  Lets be honest, I usually have games explained several times to me, over and over.  Often I am “that person” that makes you play a “practice” round of the game just so I can see if I am in over my head.  My Big Man LOVES GAMES!  Luckily for him we have a fantastic friend with young kids who loves games for all ages, and shares those games with us.  Whenever we are heading to her house he starts thinking of what he can “borrow” from her game closet.  As a result she has introduced us to some incredible games outside of the traditional Go Fish, Old Maid, and Memory.  Below our some of the amazing games we have been introduced to:

Spot It by Blue Orange:  What I love about this game is that they have it starting with young preschoolers and a wide variety of themes and age ranges.  Each version has multiple ways to play.  For the preschooler versions (Spot It! Alphabet, Spot It! Number & Shapes) it starts as a basic matching game.  Spot It! games are compact making them easy to take on the road.  Here are a few versions of Spot It!

  • Spot It! Jr.Created for younger kids – a matching animal game with 2 ways to play.
  • Spot It ! SplashSummer and water themed this version is made to withstand water and anything at the beach. (Great for taking camping!)
  • Spot It! Holiday Holiday themed that is perfect for playing with family and friends by the fire.

Shape by Shape

Shape by Shape: In this game you use tiles to create one of sixty challenge card abstract images.  It’s a fun and challenging game that comes with a game tray and challenge cards that give suggestions and solutions for the patterns.


KEVA Brain Builders Junior Game:  “Train young brains to think in multiple dimensions, transferring 2D information into 3D reality!”(From KEVA Planks).   Take the planks from the KEVA set and recreate the images on the cards in the set.  This game challenges you to reproduce an image in 3D while also working on your balancing skills.

Camelot Jr.

Camelot Jr. by Smart Games:  This is magical game where little ones can bring the knight and princess together.  Simply choose one of the challenges from the included booklet, set-up the pieces according to the challenge and create a pathway for the knight and princess.  This is a fantastic logic game that encourages kids to think through various options to reach their goal.

Build A Robot Game

Build a Robot Game Spinner Game by Eeboo.  Our big man loves this game because he loves robots and he can play it by himself or with others.  This game is fantastic for counting and puzzle making.  Each player gets a board for building their robot.  The player spins to get different interchangeable parts for creating his/her robot.  The first player to complete their robot wins.

What are some of your kids favorite games?

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