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Food On The Go

Disclaimer: I am a picky eater, a very textured eater.  To establish my point, I do not prefer any kind of berry, and yes that includes strawberries, which always seems to shock people.  Both of the traits are true of my boys so I am going to say it is just genetics.  I do feel that I have come a long way in my 30+ years of life, though a few of my vegetarian friends might beg to differ!  With some of my friends we have an understanding, do not tell me what is in the food you fix me, just let me be ignorant.  For my boys I do my best to expose them to food that I am not so fond of, and sometimes it works out great, other times it is a total melt down and a refusal to eat because I have betrayed their food trust.  All that is to say, because we often live a life on the go, we pack a lot of food with us for when we are running errands, sitting in the ferry line (yea that is a real thing), traveling or heading out to the beach for the morning.  As a result we have a few of our favorite on-the-go snack containers.

Flip-Top Snack Cup by OXO Tot:  This is one of my favorite containers for my Little Man.  It is a good fit for his hands and as he has gotten older he can open and close it on his own.  I love that it is easy for him to get snacks and close up tight to keep his food fresh.  This snack cup comes in two sizes,  5 oz. and 7 oz. I often use the small one to serve him his snacks so that he has a small portion and if or when the snack feels the need to leap out there is less of a mess.  


Skip Hop Grab & Go Formula-to-Food Container Set:  This set is AMAZING!  It is 3 separate containers that have twist and lock lids that stack together.  I love that it is 3 different size containers so you can mix-up the snacks and pack according to their snack preference consumptions.  Since all the container lock together into a column it is great for keeping snacks together so you don’t have to dig through your diaper bag or purse on a search & rescue mission.

Squeasy Gear Snacker:  Not sure if I might be the only one, but making smoothies in our house is a source of survival.  When I became a Mom, I quickly realized that you can hide loads of healthy and nutritious ingredients in a smoothie.  However, finding the best cup for smoothies on the go was a bit tricky.  When a friend of mine had this for her toddler, I saw it and had to have one!  Yogurt, smoothies, and even soup (cooled down of course), are made easy on the go with this.  It is easy to clean and great to use over and over again.  I often take this with us even when its empty so it is always near for an unplanned snack break.

OXO Tot Formula Dispenser:  This is for formula, and when both my Big Man and Little Man were drinking formula I used it for just that.  However, after that phase was over, I discovered that this container was great for packing a variety of snacks in one container.  From Cheerios to raisins or even trail mix this is a great container for a small variety of snacks when you are running a quick errand and need to take a snack just in case.711hwtf5cal-_sl1500_.jpg

Pouch Toppers:  Lets face it at some points in time the baby food or toddler pre-made pouches are just a necessity.  My oldest son always struggled with the tops on the pouches, then we discovered pouch topper and it was wonderful!  These are super easy to pop on top and clean with water. It helped regulate the flow and minimized the fountain effect of squeezing the pouch too hard.


These are a few of our go to snack items for when we are out and about. What are some of your favorites for taking snacks on the road?

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