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The Toddler Clock

With Day Light Savings coming up this weekend, I thought that the topic of clocks might be appropriate.  As Big Man has gotten older he found it very important to explain that he needs a clock.  Even though he couldn’t tell time when he announced his need for a clock, his reasoning did make sense.  He simply wanted to know when he could get up and out of bed in the morning.  Now this all started when he randomly started waking up super early.  He would call for me or my husband over and over, when we went into his room he wanted to know if it was time to get up.  We would explain that it is still early (middle of the night) he needed to get more rest.  Then for a glorious 5 minutes we would think our issue was solved, however, the cycle would repeat itself.  So after breakfast, post coffee, we sat down with Big Man.  He simply stated, well I don’t know when I can get up so I don’t know if I need to go back to sleep or if it is morning and I can get up. (Paraphrased as my son enjoys saying things like “Now listen here…”, “Mom you got to hear me…”, “Guys, I am just a kid…”).  This began my research of various clocks for kids.  Below are a few of the clocks that I found, but first I will tell you about the one we purchased and why it has worked best for us.

Teach Me Time Clock

Teach Me Time! Clock by Onaroo :  This is the clock that landed on for our Big Man.  I love this clock because it can grow with him.  On this clock you can set a wake up time, and the clock will change to a warm green color from the night light.  The clock can be set for both analog and digital.  The cock also has interactive games for teaching time, which is great as your child grows and becomes more inquisitive about learning to tell time.  Then when your child is old enough they can set it as an alarm clock.  I love that this clock has so many options for Big Man and has worked great for us so far.

Gro Clock

Gro-Clock by The Gro Company:  The Gro Clock is easy to understand for little ones.  Parents can set the time and when the “sun comes up” your little one can get up.  When it is sleep time a star appears on the clock.  You can also set a digital time on the clock for kids to learn to read the time.

Ok to Wake

OK to Wake! by Mirari:  This is a cute little clock that has animated faces on the screen.  Parents can set the clock to go from soft yellow to green when it is time for the the kido to wake up which you can combine with sounds.  There is also an option for a nap timer.


My First Alarm Clock by Kid Sleep:  This clock starts as a nightlight then as the child grows it helps them to know when to get up in the morning.  The clock has pictures of a boy: one boy is asleep and one boy is awake.   (The blue clock is a little boy and the pink clock option is a little girl.) When the light is on behind the awake boy, kids can get up.   You can adjust the brightness levels of the light.

When it comes to choosing a clock for your little one, see what suits you and your kid best.  Since we got the clock when our son was a little older (around the age of 3) we choose a clock that he could learn with.  He really enjoys getting to play the time learning games, changing the color of the display ring, as well as occasionally setting the alarm and not telling us.  If he had been younger, I would have gone with the Gro-Clock.  I think that the Gro-clock would be a good fit for a younger child, because it changes imagines, colors and he would have loved counting the stars for each hour.  As funny as it sounds, I think part of picking the right clock is knowing a bit about your kids personality.  Our boys both tend to be drawn towards specific things that they can figure out on their own.  The Kid Sleep clock, would not have worked for our son because he would have wanted to pick the animal on the display.  The OK to Wake clock he said was too scary, even though it is cute but to him he would thought it looked strange.

A simple thing like a clock, helped Big Man gaining some independence, and the extra sleep for mom and dad was a nice perk. and also let him begin to enjoy a bit of

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