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Magazines for Kids

When I was a kid I loved getting mail.  There was something so wonderful and special about going to the mail box and opening it up and discovering something just for me.  Now, even though we are in day and age where mail sometimes seems to be a thing of the past, my boys love getting something in the mail.  Over the past few years, we have gotten a few different magazine subscriptions for our boys.  (These are also great gift ideas for birthdays or Christmas!)  We have gotten some of the Owl Kids as well as the Highlights magazines and have loved them both.  One of my favorites is the Hello Magazine by Highlights because it is made a durable baby/toddler proof material that doesn’t tear and can withstand your little ones extra love on them.  Here is a list of the magazines that we have looked into for our little ones:

Owl Kids:

  • Chirp (Ages 3 – 6)
    • “Made for little hands and growing minds, the colourful pages, silly jokes, engaging stories, and early learning activities in Chirp inspire young children to make their first attempts at reading, writing, and creating with age-appropriate content that gives youngsters confidence.” (
  • chickaDee (Ages 6 – 9)
    • “Created in 1979, chickaDEE satisfies the 6 – to 9-year-old’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and appetite for humour. chickaDEE acknowledges the growing independence of primary-aged children and fosters their curiosity about and connection to the world around them. ” (

Highlights Magazine:

  • Hello (Ages 0 – 2)
    • “Each Hello magazine follows a theme such as Sounds, Food or Farm Animals, that helps young children make sense of their world. Every issue is filled with colorful images, whimsical read-aloud stories, poems and simple activities that make babies giggle, laugh and learn. You’ll also find word play, games and lots of silly fun.” (
  • High Five (Ages 2 – 6)
    • “Your preschooler or kindergarten will love High Five™ magazine, because it’s designed and written just for their age group. High Five is an exciting, colorful, fun-filled magazine developed by the early childhood experts at Highlights to encourage and inspire tender hearts and curious young minds.” (
  • Highlights (Ages 6 – 12)
    • “The Highlights motto is Fun with a Purpose™. In every 40-page issue, kids explore new topics, investigate fascinating subjects and find out about the world. A Highlights magazine subscription for kids will bring them 12 months filled with stories, games, puzzles, riddles, science experiments, craft projects and activities that are as entertaining as they are educational.”  (

Clubhouse Jr. (Ages 3 – 7)

  • “Faith-filled fun for youngsters. Creative stories, fascinating articles, puzzles, craft ideas and more are packed into each issue of Clubhouse Jr. magazine. You’ll love the way this bright and colorful magazine reinforces Biblical values and helps boys and girls explore their world.” ( Jr

Ranger Rick:

  • Ranger Rick Cub (Ages 0 – 4)
    • “Ranger Rick Cub thrills the littlest learners, ages 0 to 4, with amazing photos, stories, rhymes, and games featuring their favorite, adorable young animals.” ( Rick Cub
  • Ranger Rick Jr. (Ages 4 – 7)
    • “Designed specially for kids ages 4 to 7, Ranger Rick Jr. is filled with fun, age-appropriate animal facts, stories, and photos; ideas for outdoor fun; plus lots of games, crafts, and recipes.” (
  • Ranger Rick (Ages 7 & up)
    • “Designed for kids ages 7 and up, Ranger Rick is packed with awesome animal facts, stories, and photos; comic adventures; outdoor activities; wildlife puzzles, riddles, contests, and crafts; plus amazing nature discoveries to share with friends and use in school assignments. It is published 10 times a year.”(

National Geographic:

  • National Geographic Little Kids (Ages 3-6)
    • “Encourage your little learner with the fun and discovery of National Geographic Little Kids. Created by educators and approved by families worldwide, our magazine is loaded with colorful photographs, read-along stories, baby animals and games, all in a friendly kid-size format.” (
  • National Geographic Kids (Ages 6 & up)
    • “Give youngsters the world with a subscription to National Geographic Kidsmagazine. Perfect for kids ages 6 and up, each issue is packed with stories about wildlife, science, technology, popular culture, and more articles designed to keep kids reading, thinking, learning and having fun!”  ( Geographic

We currently have subscriptions to Highlights, Owl Kids, and ClubHouse Jr. and enjoy all of them every month.  What are some of your favorite kid magazines?


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