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Janod Zoonimooz Action Tin Games

Over the holidays our Big Man received several new games (future post coming on a variety of games).  One of his favorites has been ZOONIMOOZ – Dog game by Janod.  This is a cute memory game that comes in a tin which looks like a dog.  Inside the tin is a magnetic dog head that you pick the ears, mouth and collar to create a dog.  You then take cards inside the tin, place them face up and cover them with a cloth.  After the dog has been created and the dog cards laid down and covered, players take the cover off and the first person to find the matching card to the dog that was created barks.  With each bark you get a bone, the first person to get 3 bones wins.  I love that he enjoys playing it with friends, on his own, or the unexpecting adult that he can rope in.  (Another great feature, is that it isn’t a million hours long game.  It can be played in good time.)

As we have played this game, over and over, I discovered that there is an entire collection of ZOONIMOOZ games, each one different with its own twist but great for young kids.

Here are the different ZOONIMOOZ GAMES:  (each one is linked and includes the descritpion from the seller’s website.)

ZOONIMOOZ – DOG: For Ages 3 – 6.  2 to 4 players.

  • “Janod Zoonimooz-Tin Game-Dog is a barking fun memory game. Be the first to win 3 bones to win the game. Magnetic board and parts add to the fun. Contains 18 round cardboard cards. 9 cardboard bones, 8 magnets, 1 magnetic dog head board, 1 scared, 4 dog’s bowls and 1 instruction booklet packed into a dog shaped metal box.” (from


ZOONIMOOZ – MOUSE:  For Ages 3 – 6.  2 to 4 players.

  • “Throw the dice, move your mouse and take away the piece of cheese matching the mouse color indicated on the board.” (from

Zoo Mouse

ZOONIMOOZ – MONKEY:  Ages 6 -12. For 2 to 4 players.

  • “Janod Zoonimooz-Tin Game-Monkey is a lightning fast speed game. Win battles to win bananas in this fast paced game that is played on 2 levels involving colors and numbers.” (from

Zoo Monkey

ZOONIMOOZ – COW:  Ages 4 – 8. For 2 to 4 players.

  • “A lightning fast speed game. Be the first to recreate the cow shown and activate the moo sound box. Be the first player to gather a herd of 5 cows. You can choose your level of difficulty – black and white or multi-colored cows. ”  (from


ZOONIMOOZ – SQUIRREL:  Ages 6 -12. For 2 to 4 players.

  • “Will you be able to memorize where all your nuts are hidden? How to Play? Be the first to win 2 golden hazelnuts.  Find all the nuts under the cup in front of you but you need to have the right sequence!  Beware of your neighbours, if they find the card with the squirrel head, they can steal your golden nut!” (From


I have linked to places that I shop online in Canada, but most of the games can be purchases via Target, Amazon, and Walmart in the USA.

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