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2017 Gift Ideas for 4 & 5 year olds

As Christmas (and for us Birthday time) approaches we are working to find good quality toys for our Big Man.  Here are a few of our favorite items that we have come across for this year’s holiday season.

Lego Jr.: My Big Man loves to build.  He loves creating and he loves directions.  Lego Jr. is a great transition from Duplo to Lego.  It has fewer small pieces then Lego and simplified directions.  Lego Jr. pieces are still the same size as  traditional Lego pieces but they are created for a younger age group.  There are great sets for the young builder and creator.  Each set comes with a booklet that clearly lays out step-by-step instructions for making the various creations.


Kid O Free Play Magnatab:  We first got the Magnatab A to Z (Alphabet) to help our Big Man as he started learning to work on holding a pen and writing his letters.  Now Kid O has come out with a free play board where kids can freely create images.  They can write letters, shapes, or whatever they think in their head.  The board uses beads to pop up as the magnetic pen comes over the different sections.   Kids can erase by simply moving their finger over the beads.  (There is also a fantastic Glow in The Dark Magnatab play free board.)


Usborne Activty Books:  Usborne Books have a wide range of wonderful activity books, large activity pads, doodling books, wipe-clean books, and so much more.  The variety of activity options help inspire the little ones imaginations ans allows  them to share their imagination with others.


Marbleworks by Discovery Toys:  There are a lot of great marbleworks or marble runs out there.  Marbleworks be Discovery toys is the one that we currently play with at Grandma’s house.  This is a great toy for kids that love figuring out a race track and how to cause different chains reaction.  With Marbleworks it comes with a variety of different tubes, that allow for marbles to race through.  It helps kids see how things can react and work as they build different runs to race the marbles.  There is a fabouls wooden marble run called Quadrilla by Hape.  In my search I found a great website that compares a tons of different marble runs.  It is called Click here to go to there link about marble runs.


Lite Brite:  When I saw Lite Brite on the shelf at a local toy store, it was a blast from the past.  Being a kids of the 80’s/90’s I remember having a Lite Brite and loving it.  Of course the newer version are even better and more kid friendly.    It can fold up flat with a place to store the pegs AND the design templates are now REUSABLE!



What are some of your favorite toys for the 2017 holiday season?


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