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Our Little Libary

Starting today with a moment of truth.  I am dyslexic.  To me this is just a fact of life, and one that I learned to deal with at a young age.  As a result of being dyslexic I am not too big on the book front.   Yes I read, but it is a chore and not so much for the entertainment or joy factor.   My siblings, however, are big readers.  They are the ones who read Lord of the Rings multiple times for enjoyment and then torture their sister by making her sit through the movies (with the commentary turned on).   I want my boys to love books.  I want them to enjoy reading.  Since they were born I have read with them everyday.  Lucky for me, kids books are way shorter than adult ones.


The other part of our story is my kids have Grandmothers on both sides that are teachers as well as two Aunts that are teachers, so there is no shortage of reading material.  As a result we have well stocked library.  Here are some of our current favorite books:

For our 18 month old:

  • Llama Llama (Board Books) : Cute short books with a rhyming rhythm for an entertaining read for your little one.
  • Grumpy Bird & Boo Hoo Bird : Neat little stories about the different moods and life occurences of a little bird.  Great for cheering up your little one.  (This author also has Hungry Bird and Sleep Bird, which we haven’t added to our collection yet.)
  • Little Blue Truck & Little Blue Truck Leads the Way : Great books about the tales of a little blue truck in friendship and in working together.
  • One Sheep Blue Sheep :  A book about five sheep that teaches counting and colors.
  • The Odd Egg :  A cheeky little book about birds and their eggs hatching.
  • Usborne Slide and See Books : Fantastic interactive books for your young toddler.  Each page has a moving slider to engage your little one.

For our 4 (almost 5 year old):

  • Disney Rhyming Readers (Vintage Classics) : All of ours I have found at thrift stores. If you ever come across them they are fantastic for kids learning to read.  The rhyming text is fun for little ones starting on their reading journey.
  • On The Train : A Shine – A – Light Book :  This is an amazing interactive book for your little one.   They can read the story and shine a light on the back for the page to reveal images hidden on the page.

This is a glimpse into our little Library.  We are alway looking for more book suggestions.  PLEASE comment below and let us know some of your favorite story books for little ones!

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