Disney Cars and Planes

My Big Man is a collector.  This is a little foreign to me as the organizer.  As a kid I had one collection which were Eeyore products from Winnie the Pooh, but when I grew up I kept a few of the things for my sons, but didn’t really mind parting with the rest.  Big Man dedicates himself when he find something he loves.  (Which I think is evident from our previous Thomas the Train post.) When Big Man was around 3 he started getting into Disney Cars and Disney Planes.   He was not much for the movies at first and really did not sit through one till he was probably 3.5, but his love for the die-cast car characters was love at first sight.

The die-cast cars can be picked up at Wal-Mart, Disney Stores, Toys R Us, and Superstore (for the Canadians).  However, if that movie is not super current some of these items can be difficult to find.  Big Man’s first love was Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue.  Luckily his Aunt had gotten him the movie and corresponding blanket that year for Christmas.  Since the movie is a bit older it can be difficult to find the characters, plus they aren’t exactly the most affordable.  Most of the cars/planes average around $5.00 to $8.00 dollars CA and for the deluxe cars/planes (some of the bigger vehicles) they can go up to $14.00 CA.

One of the greatest tips I received regarding the search for Disney Die Cast is to chech out a local dollar store called Dollarama.  Dollarama often has Disney Cars and Planes for a fraction of the price.  This has been a HUGE benefit for us as last Christmas all our big man wanted cars and planes.  We started hitting up Dollarama’s all around town, and neighboring towns paying between $3 and $4 for the start of our collection.  **Side Note: every year Disney/Mattel comes out with a new themed series for the cars, same cars, just different paint.  One year was American, another Carnival, and most resently Metallic.  Now, the good of this is that after a few months everywhere from Walmart to Toys R Us will clear them out.  You can also find them often at Winners, Marshalls, and TJMax.


Our Big Man not only loves to collect but he loves the story with the cars.  One of the best things we got to go with the Cars and Planes was the Meet the Planes book and the Meet the Cars book.  Both of these books introduce the characters for the movies (all movies in the series).  Another great one is Disney Pixar Cars 3: Essential Guide.   This book tells all about the main characters as well as great moments from the movie.  There are also a ton of board books, sticker books and activity books that go with the Disny Cars and Planes theme.

What do your little ones love to collect?  What are some of your favorite items in the collections?

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