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Green Toys – a favorite brand of ours

Green Toy is a brand that kind of grew on me.  Usually I am not big on plastic toys.  Now I do realize that it is just a part of the toy/world but overall I tend to favor wooden toys, especially for younger kids.  When I first saw Green Toys they seemed a bit chunky, and well, plasticy.  Then I was introduced to the Green Toy Recycle Truck and Green Toy Dump Truck by a sister and brother team that my Big Man stayed with while I was at work.  One morning, when dropping my oldest son off, the sister & brother duo came racing down the hallway, one with the recycle truck and one with the dump truck.  Both showed me their vehicles with great excitement.  As I talked to their Mom she said they had been a big hit with the kids, though a bit noisy to race down the hall on wood flooring, they had managed to withstand the daily beating by toddler.


I began looking into Green Toys and soon fell in love with the company and its product.  What is so wonderfully great about Green Toys?  Well here are a few of the awesome things that I discovered:

  • They are made of 100% Recycled Plastic
  • Dishwasher Safe  (That is correct – put them in your Dishwasher to Clean Them!)
  • Manufactured in the USA  (Since I am American I love that it is made close to home)
  • The bath toys open up for easy cleaning and drying.  (A bath toy that can actually fully dry out!)
  • Packaged with recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy inks
  • No BPA, phthalates, or PVC

After getting our first Green Toy, our collection has slowly grown and is still one of our favourites.  We have big trucks, boats, seaplanes and even some of the bath toys.  We have left them in rain and sun, used them in baths, pools, beach, and sandbox.  No matter where we have taken them they have withstood the toll of a toddlers play.  They have not cracked, peeled, or stained.  Plus not all the toys are vehicles they have a cooking set called “Bake by Shape”, build a bouquet, puzzles, and more. They are amazing products!


Here are a few more of their items to check out!


Play-sets (Farm, Firehouse, and HouseSet)

Rescue Boat

What are some of your favorite Green Toy Products?  What are other brands that you love?


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