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Duplo Investment: Tech Mechanics Set

Both of my boys LOVE DUPLO.  Big Man has loved it since he was a baby.  His Grandmother has some of the vintage Duplo baby pieces, that he loved to shake.  His next step in his Duplo journey was watching someone construct something, anything really, and patiently waiting for them to complete it and so that he could destroy it.  He took great pleasure in being able to take apart every single brick.  This soon taught us to simply make towers or cubes and he would be entertained taking them apart.  When he was around 2 years old he got into the construction side of Duplo.  He has loved being able to build everything from a dog, to a boat, to a garage for his cars.


Amidst the vintage Duplo that his Dad grew-up with, we came across some this awesome piece of Duplo that had a screw driver that you could use to screw on wheels and make a car.  Big man would play for a long time with this set.  So as Christmas approached that year I thought it would be a great gift for him.  Now vintage toy shopping, though I love it, can be costly and very time-consuming.  On the hunt, I started researching Duplo and found their Lego Education Set – Duplo for Preschool.  **Side Note: Lego Education sets are intended for a school environment, and they have different areas such as PRESCHOOL, ELEMENTARY and MIDDLE SCHOOL.  (Click each one to go to Lego Education Intro Page for that particular group.) However, I still love some of them for my boys.


Finally after searching I found the updated version of what Grandma had.  It is called the Tech Machines Set.  This set is incredible.  It promotes creativity, fine motor skills, and problem solving.  The classroom set comes with 4 screwdrivers which lets be honest, if you have 2 kids and a friend over, well, you want more than one screw driver to pass around.  The kids can create bulldozers, cranes, and many other great things with their imagination.  There are integrated screws on different bricks and wheels that lock into place with the screwdriver helping kids to build and create.

This has been hours of entertainment for my boys.  It has also been a toy that has grown with my oldest son.  At first he just did simple attaching wheels on blocks just to hear the clicking noise.  Now he creates incredible structures and vehicles while little man takes it all in, screwdriver in hand.

When I bought our set it was through Toys R Us in the US.  I happened to find it when they were clearing it out so was on a good sale.  It was a “double gift”, a combined Christmas Birthday gift, but has been worth every penny.  It has never found itself in the bottom of the closet and has provided hours of fun through all stages.

Here are a few places I found this set:


Another suggestion would be to contact local teacher stores in your area to see if they carry or can order Lego Education Products.  As always to get the best deal it is all about hunting around.  I do assure you that if you find a set, it will be worth the investment.

What are some toys that you have found as good long-term investments?



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