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Splish Splash Bath Toys

My boys have a love hate relationship with baths.  They love playing in the water and goofing around, but they hate the actual cleaning process.  As a result good bath toys have been key in keeping them pre-occupied so that they get to enjoy the bath but also actually get clean in the process.

OBall is a fantastic brand starting at babies.  Their toys have an incredible design that little fingers can easily grasp.  When our boys first started baths we gave them the Scoop ‘n Fill cups. They were great for them to just hold on to and move around in the water.  As they got older we added the Oball Sink ‘n Spill Whale and Wind ‘n Swim Turtle to the bath time mix as well as the Oball H2O – Tubby Scoop Friends.   These have been wonderful for our little man to play with as he still gets used to the water and bathtime.


I love the Green Toys brand (but that is another blog).  The Green Toys Submarine  and or the Green Toys Tugboat are two of the best toys we have.  Our guys started using them around 9 months just holding and moving them around.  I use them for washing the boys hair when then are not playing with them.  They are fantastic because they have a rounded spout so it is easy to get a good pour out of them but also control it a bit and not totally dump water on their faces.  The boys love driving the boats around the bath and waching them fill up when they “sink” them.  They are also super easy to clean (they can go in the dishwasher) and you can pop them open so they get totally clean and can dry out easily. (Click here to visit Green Toys Website to see more bath toys!)


Boon is another brand that has some wonderful long lasting bath toys.  Boon mix and match creatures are great for all ages as they have nice smooth edges and are easy to grip.  Another great Boon toys is the Boon Bubbles, which have now been replaced by the Boon Jellies Suction Cup Bath Toy.  They can suction onto each other and the bath tub, allowing your kids to create all kinds of jelly fish fun.  (I actually use these on our glass door as entertainment for our little ones as well.


Yookidoo Flow N Spill Spout is a new bath toy that we had gotten as a Christmas gift last year for our youngest son, but he was still too young to use it.  Over the summer we pulled it out an it has been a huge hit.  The kids can fill the cups up with water over and over again as well as use the spray head which often turns into a “boat wash station”.  Yookidoo also makes a Submarine Spray Station that my oldest has so kindly put on his little brother’s Christmas list.  (Click here for more Yookidoo Bath Toys!)


I love finding out what other’s favorite bathtime products are.  Please share what your little one love for bath time!

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