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Fall Gear for Little Ones

Fall is officially here so I thought I would share some of our essential gear that our boys have every year.

Bogs Boots: When it comes to footwear, I can be very particular about what goes on my kids’ feet.  The main reason for this is because with my oldest son, I felt like we would buy a product and it would wear out before he outgrew it.  I wanted to make sure that when I buy footwear for my boys I am getting the best quality and best value.  Living on the West (Wet) Coast of Canada, there is one thing you are guaranteed no matter the season or time of year: RAIN.  Now let’s be honest, no one likes wet feet in a shoe of any kind.  For my kids, I wanted something that last, keeps feet dry, and something they can put on themselves when they are old enough (do we really need to give a toddler another reason to slow down?).


After a bit of searching, I came across BOGS.  BOGS are perfect for the winter and cool days of spring and fall.  Ranging from size 4 to 10 the BOGS Baby Boots are fantastic for little ones.  They open up in the back with a covered Velcro strap.  They also have handles making them super easy to get on and off little feet.  BOGS are waterproof and have a light lining in them that keep feet toasty warm and dry. After mud puddle encounters you can throw them straight in the wash. Anything that I can put in the wash without scrubbing is a win!

As my Big man has grown older, BOGS boots have continued to be amazing. They have boots rated for different temperatures COOL (Below -1C), COLD (Below -18C), and FRIGID (Below -29C).  This year we picked up the DURHAM SOLID Kid’s Insulated Rain Boot and love it.  According to my 4-year old, they are “super gripper boots” for fast running, which in 4-year old world is obviously the best.  These boots are easy to get on and off, waterproof, lightly insulated and easy to clean.  They are terrific boots and worth every cent.

Often with BOGS, you can find sales on them as the seasons change and new colors come in.  The BOGSFOOTWEAR.CA (In Canada) and BOGSFOOTWEAR.COM (In the USA) website always has sales to keep an eye on.  They also make adult shoes from work boots, to hiking, and casual wear.


Rain Suits / Pants:  As our boys got older and more mobile, we started looking into rain gear for them.  Once again we live on the west coast so rain is just part of what we have to deal with.  For the early years I bought the MEC Newt Suit – Infant.  I loved the quality of MEC rain suits and that they covered him from head to toe.  I wanted him totally sheilded and clean underneath so that if we are getting in and out of the car between parks or outdoor events it did not equate to multiple wardrobe changes.  The MEC brand fits big so it was perfect for layering overtop fleeces, hoodies, or sweat shirts.    The MEC Newt Infant suit ranges from size 6 months to 24 months but they do have a MEC Newt Suit – Children that goes from size Child 3 to Child 6.  I also got rain gear over snow gear because living on the West Coast you might get snow, you might not.  Rain you are guaranteed to get.  Plus with the rain gear I found with our winters I can put warm base layers and fleeces on them underneath the waterproof shell and they are good to go.  Now as our big man has gotten bigger I moved away from the full rain suit and tried MEC Rain Bib Pants – Children that range in Child 3 to Youth 8.  I choose to do the rain pant with the bib for two reasons.  One, you can buy a size up and with the adjustable straps get two seasons out of them (We got a Child 4 and used them for while my son was 3 and 4 years old).  Two, the bib blocks the cold, wind, and water from getting in between the pants and shirts, and if I can avoid an outdoor wardrobe complaint I will.


Fleece:  Our other must have is fleece.  We love fleece and not just because we live in Canada.  Fleece is just the easiest I find for our boys.  It is light weight but keeps them cozy and easy to layer as it get colder.  We have been super fortunate to get to go to the Helly Hansen sample outlet warehouse sale.  They still do big sales at their outlet store in New Westminster.  If you are in the area, check and see when it is or get on their email list for invites. They have amazing deals on gear for all ages.  I will say this, yes a Helly Hansen fleece can cost you more than a Carter’s or Children’s Place fleece for sure, but I assure you it will last and withstand far beyond a less expensive brand.  I have always shopped the sales for Helly Hansen (it’s the southern thrifter in me), and often buy for the next year ‘s size when the season is ending and clearance has begun.  We also have loved MEC fleece pants.  They are incredibly cozy and fit our boys awesome.  When I say we wear our fleece I mean like big man wears fleece on a daily basis.  The kid lives in them cause they are his favorite if he is inside or outside.  Here are a list of our favorite fleece items.


Helly Hansen:

What is some of our favorite fall weather gear for little ones?


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