Ride-ons For the Young Toddler

Our little man recently started walking.   Even though he can walk unassisted he really likes to have something to push around (or it might be more fair to say ram into people and walls).  We went through a similar stage with our eldest son.  When he started standing and walking we first got a V-Tech Sit to Stand Learning Walker, though it did keep him often entertained it was rather tippy and very noisy when he pushed it around (and when you live in a condo building on the top floor this doesn’t make for happy neighbors below you.)  As I started looking there was a variety of options out there:  here are a 2 that we tried for a bit.

  • MULA Toddle Truck by IKEA
    • This is a good push and haul around cart for a bit more stable walker
  • Hape Toys Blocks & Roll
    • Comes with basic building blocks – we had one similar to this for a short time but found that is was too tippy when our son first was learning to walk, and it developed a lovely squeak.

None of these really fit what I was wanting.  I wanted something sturdy for a new walker but that could still grow with my son, wasn’t noisey when he pushed it around, he could take stuff in it, push it or ride it, and I wanted it to be a quality material that would survive multiple kids.

Finally I found something that checked off all the boxes:  Hape Toys Little Red Rider.


This was the perfect solution for my Big man, and now for my little man as well.  It is extremely sturdy and amazing for helping little ones learning to walk.  You can load toys in it (its “trunk” can be accessed is on the sides of the car), the wheels roll on dense rubber “tires” which are very quiet and gentle on wood floors.  As baby grows it turns from walk to ride-on.  So far the Little Red Rider has been put to good use the past 3 plus years and looks like it will be for another few years.


If you are just looking for a ride on the Hape Toys Scoot-Around is a great option.  It is nice and sturdy it can be pushed or ridden, and little ones can steer it very easily.  It is a great starter for the toddler before balance bike stage.  (We do not own one however the grandparents do, and it is always a big hit with our boys.)  Hape Toys also have a variety of other great carts/ride-ons.  Click here to see other great HAPE TOYS products.


For outside we currently have a Radio Flyer Walker Wagon.  Now the one we have was given to us a few years ago and I believe has now been replaced with the Classic Walker Wagon.  It is fantastic outdoors and has held up well with hauling everything from dirt, to trucks and rocks.  It is a bit harder to steer when little ones are first walking but it is very sturdy for the new walker.  My only complaint is that I wish it had all terrain wheels (or that you could buy them like you can for some or Radio Flyer’s other products).  If it had all terrain it was be way quieter on the gravel road or the paved walk ways in the city.

What are some of your favorite walkers and ride-ons for toddlers?

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