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The Activity Center that won’t take up your entire play space.

Whether we have lived in a condo in the outskirts of Vancouver or a house on an island, our play space has been limited.  Most of our living space falls under the “shared space” or “multi-purpose” catgeory meaning we do not have a designated playroom but living room/playroom/family room that spills over into our kitchen/eating area.

When big man was little we had a traditional activity cube with various activities on each side.  However, when it wasn’t in use it was far from easy to just “tuck away,” typically it got left out or shoved in a corner and remembered when our toes met it as we walked by.  As big man outgrew the activity cube I got rid of it because it was so hard to store and to be honest would have taken up half of our storage area (aka the grandparents attic).

So when our little man was getting ready to have his first birthday I wanted something with the concept of an activity cube, but that I could actually put away when it was not in use.  I also wanted something that would grow with him to some extent.  In the baby stage and even in the toddler years so many toys can be used for a short amount of time as the child grows and develops.  Now I know I couldn’t get something that would last from 1 to 10 years old but I was hoping for at least something that would work from 1 to 2 and possibly longer.  Finally after searching I found a great product that we love!

Discovery Playhouse by Yookidoo

The Discover Playhouse is beyond wonderful for us.  It has 4 different activies walls  including 5 rattling balls and tubes, spinners, ball roller coaster, and shape sorting keys.  It is roomie enough that both of my boys can go inside and be cozy while playing.  It is lightweight and easily folds up, which is fantasitic for saving space!  The age range on the product is for 1 to 5 years of age.  Our oldest plays with it often and loves “teaching” his little brother how to do the different elements on the playhouse.

Check out the Discovery Playhouse video here!

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