Tegu the toy for all ages….no really, I mean ALL AGES.

For my oldest son’s first birthday, he received a Tegu 14 Piece Block Set.  After he opened the gift we immediately took it out of the packaging for guests to enjoy.  Quickly we realized that Tegu blocks were a favorite among all ages.   From the little ones, all the way up to the dear 80 year old great-grandparents, everyone wanted to get their hands on these blocks.  After the party, the Tegu blocks sparked my curiosity and have become a household favorite.


Tegu blocks are wooden blocks with magnets in them.  Each block is non-toxic and made with water-based finishes, so you know that it is safe for your little ones.  The blocks are various shapes and sizes that come together to create many different masterpieces of the imagination.  Tegu has an array of options.  From Classic Blocks, Stunt Team, to the Future Set, all blocks inspire creativity.


In our house we have both Classic Blocks and Stunt Team Blocks. Both of my sons can play with them; which is a huge bonus when you have multiple ages playing in the same space and wanting to play with the same toy.  I love that with this toy you can go big with a huge bundle or you can start small with a simple set and add-on with other sets.


I also love the On-The-Go sets.  These are perfect for travel and those lovely times at restaurants and doctor offices where you are gifted the pleasure of waiting.  These keep the kids, and often the adults, entertained.


Another thing that I love about Tegu is that you can go onto their website and see other people’s creations in their gallery as well as upload you own creations.  Tegu is a toy that gets both young and old to think, explore and create!

Go online and look at all their incredible products: TEGU.COM

Many local stores carry TEGU BLOCKS both in the US and Canada.

Here are a few that I have found:


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