Toddler Toys (+3)

Go Everywhere Items: For Toddlers (3+)

Here are a few of our current “go with us everywhere items” for our big man.

Toddler (3+) :

Wipe-clean dot-to-dot books by Usborne Children Books This book is one of the best ones out there for your toddler.  My toddler has loved it!  As he has gone through preschool, it has been the perfect thing for him to practice counting, writing, and holding a marker.  Each page has different objects (according to what themed book you get) with dots that are numbered and color-coded to join and make a picture.  Each page also has an outline of the name of the object for the child to write over.   The best part is that it can be wiped clean like a white board but does not smear all over your child’s hand. With just a dry cloth or paper towel the book can used over and over for a lifetime. (The Alphabet book is another favorite of ours from the large selection: Wipe Clean Alphabet Book by Usborne Books at


Crocodile Creek Puzzles:  My oldest son loves puzzles.  As we started buying puzzles, I found many of them had pieces that would break and peel apart.  When I found Crocodile Creek Puzzles our world was forever changed.  They extensive variety for all ages that withstand being put together again, and again, and again.  The puzzles start for kiddos as young as 2 years old and continue up from there.  Their first level of puzzles are terrific for kids just learning to piece things together.  As kids get older, the puzzles come in a many shapes and sizes, including some mini puzzles and two-sided puzzles that are great for travel.  As our son has gotten older, the new favorite is Crocodile Creek Posters.  These are fantastic because they come with a poster of the puzzle, so you are not having to squint at a small image of the puzzle on the box.  Instead you have a poster size that is easy for you and your child to see as your puzzle comes to life.  As our little puzzle guru says, “Dad, let me help you with that one. It has alot of pieces!”.


5 Minute Story Books5 Minute Story Books are the favorite for bedtime at our home. Our oldest son loves to read; he also loves to prolong the going to bed process by choosing lengthy books.  These books come in an array of characters from Berenstain Bears, Disney Fairy Tales to Marvel Super Hero.  Each books includes a collection of stories about the themed characters, so it gives multiple options and is generous to the prime bookshelf realestate. They are the perfect bed time story to cap off the day, in a timely matter.


A to Z Magnatab by Kid O:  As our oldest son has started preschool and began learning his letters he has wanted to work on his writing as well.  The A to Z Magnatab is the perfect non messy and easy way for him to practice pen control and work on forming letters. The Magnatab has arrows that direct the kids on how to form the letters.  As the child moves the magnetic pen across the letters, beads pull up and create the different letters of the alphabet.  To erase simply use the tip of the finger to pop the beads back down.

A to Z Magnatab at


Beatrix New York Water Bottles:  Cups and bottles for kids often seem like a never-ending collection.  Since we live in smaller square footage, my cabinet space is a precious thing.  I do not want it to be consumed by 30 different cups.  The “Cozy Can” water bottle by Beatrix New York is one of my favorite and helps keep the collection reasonable.  We have the old style lid which is a flip up and a straw on the inside.  The new lid screws on, is easy to clean and has no extra pieces.  The “Cozy Can” keeps drinks cold or warm for at least a few hours and the fun designs are a win with the kids.


We love these products and hardly a day goes by that they are not in use!

If you have any suggestions or recommendations please let me know!

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