Baby & Young Toddlers (Newborn to 2+)

Go Everywhere Items: For Babies & Young Toddlers

When you have kids, you quickly develop your staple items.  No matter where you go these things go with you as well no matter what.  Here are a few of our current “go with us everywhere items” for our little man.

Babies & Young Toddler (1+):

Alvin the Elephant Soft Toy : This is a huge winner for my son who is teething.  Part of the Meiya & Alvin Collection,  Alvin the Elephant comes in a variety of styles and sizes.  The soft toy is one of my favorites because it is a medium-sized toy, but also able to fit in the stroller or diaper bag with-out taking up too much precious space.  Alvin the Elephant is made of natural, sustainable, and recycled materials making it good for the environment as well as your little one’s gums.  Did I mention is is machine washable?  No matter where it goes or what gets on it, Alvin can easily be cleaned!


Oball Linky Loops:  For all babies, links are just a necessity of life.  Links attach toys to car seats, play mats, strollers, or are just great entertainment on their own.  The Oball Linky Loops are my favorite because they are uniquely shaped with various textures.  (Also the Oball O Links Accessory is a great product for attaching toys to strollers and carseats.)


KidCo Go-Pod: Think camping chair meets activity center.  Whether you are out visiting friends, going to the park, working in the yard, at the beach, or on the Ferry, the Go-Pod is great for little ones starting around 4 months old.  It is super compact, and folds up quick and easy into the carrying bag.  It has several loops on it for attaching toys as well as a drink and snack holder.  The nylon material makes it easy to wipe off and it has a floor pad for keeping your child’s feet clean.  With 4 adjustable heights, the Go-Pod grows with your little one.


That’s Not My Books:  We started collecting these when our first son was about 7-months old and have loved them ever since.  Each book has various textures and visuals for your child to experience as you read with them.  The books are durable and can withstand the drool and physical affection from your little ones. They are made by Usborne Children’s Books and usually can be found at any book store.  Every so often, they come as a box set at Costco which is a fantastic find.

That Not My Books 3

Chew Bibs by Glitter & Spice:  Let me start by saying I cannot get enough of Glitter & Spice.  Anything that we have purchased from them has far exceeded my expectations. My son drools everywhere, he is constantly working his gums.  The chew bib is so perfect!  It can adjust sizes with two snaps on the back (no Velcro so baby is not repeatedly yanking it off).  It is wonderful because when your baby is playing or riding in the car seat, they can find something easy and close by to chew on.  The fabric is organic cotton so it is gentle on your baby’s skin and the chew portion of the bib is made from food grade silicone.  The chew bibs come in a variety of colors and patterns.  (Also check out Glitter & Spice other products, from necklaces for mom to pacifier clips.  Their products do not disappoint!)


What are some of your essentials that are a must have?

Check back soon for the next post on our top go everywhere items for older toddlers.

2 thoughts on “Go Everywhere Items: For Babies & Young Toddlers”

  1. We love our Gathre mat. Not cheap but so useful and durable and stylish. It’s an easy wipe up material- which is always nice with messy babes! It’s been great at the beach, our deck, the park! We’ve used it for all stages- laying newborns, sitting babies to busy snacking toddlers. Been worth the money! Folds up nicely too!


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