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2017 Summer Favorites

Since the warm weather has come it seems to have made time accelerate and our summer is passing by too quickly.  Already, the summer clearance sales have begun. Here are a few of the summer things that we love having for sunny days in the yard or at the beach.

Bubbles:  Oh bubbles, they always entertain for precious amounts of time.  Our favorite bubble activity is our giant bubble wands.  We use a cheap round cake pan, some blue Dawn soap for the best bubbles, and our trusty giant bubble wands.  The bubble wands that we picked up at the Qualicum Toy Shop, are the 27” Giant Bubble Wands by Toysmith Bubble Wand.  They have worked great for us surviving multiple summers with heavy use.  They are shaped perfectly for little ones to use with ease from start to finish.  These have provided countless hours of entertainment and laughter for my kids and their friends.


Beach Toys: Beach toys are one of those things that it is easy to buy a million shovels and buckets over the course of a summer because let’s face it, they aren’t usually durable or the best quality.  B. Toys, however makes incredibly creative and durable sand/water toys that have seen us through 3 summers and counting.

B. Ready Summer Beach Set is our favorite as it is easy to pack and take with you whether you are walking to the neighborhood beach or packing up for a family vacation. Inside the bucket there are a variety of sand toys including sand moulds (castles, cars, or food items according which set you get). It also comes with a shovel, rake, watering can, and a sturdy beach bucket. The best is that the bucket has a lid on it to contain other toys or treasures.  The model we have comes with a sand sifter topped with a Frisbee for a lid.  It helps keep everything together and organized in the trunk of the car for the unplanned beach stops.  They have a few other sets such as Battat B. Coastal Cruiser Sand Truck with different sand toy options.  (A few of these toys spotted on clearance at TheBay.com)


A new addition to our summer outdoor collection is the Mookie 3 in 1 Swingball.  The best way to explain it is like playing tether ball with tennis racks.  (Not that it really matters which one I play as both require hand-eye coordination which the good Lord did not gift me with!).  This toy is easy to set-up and packs down into the base.  It is a great energy burner for your toddler while providing an achievable challenge.  (Mookie also makes a Junior Basketball Game and Soccer Reflex game that are carried at Mastermind Toys).


No matter where you are or where you are going bugs seems to follow.  With my boys, I wanted to make sure to use a product that didn’t have tons of chemicals and something that I could find locally and that works.  Outdoor Patches by Purple Frog are what we discovered at our local health food store and we have loved them.  They also carry them at Toys R Us oddly enough.  They are great for sticking on little ones that are on the move and have worked really well for us.  I (yes me, the Mom, the adult) also like to use these. You don’t have to constantly re-apply and is safe for everyone from grandma to the family dog.  I always have these close by if we are out and about at the beach, park, or at a friend’s backyard BBQ.  You never have to remember if or when you sprayed the kids.  Just stick a patch on them as they get out of the car and they are good to go.


These are a just few of our favorite things from this summer.  Let us know what some of your favourite products have been this summer, and check back soon for our next post!

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